• Katie Frieheit


Updated: Feb 11

It makes my gums ache

This severe unknowing

It wants out.

This kinetic aching.

It finds my bones

It nestles in -

And then it swells.

It is heavy.

Grabs my chest with wicked hands

And presses deeply.

Now, I cannot breathe.

It makes me hurt the ones I love

When it coils around my vocal cords

And I spit out it’s slurs

It makes me tired.

One by one

Fingers knot around my ankles.

Digs in it it’s heals,

So when I step

I cannot move.

It strips my gratitude

Until, like a carcass,

It leaves my insides hollow.

It puts its shadow far before my frame

And everything is grey.

Not the pastel grey of baby ducks down

No - not a soft grey

It is harsh lines

Dull and bleak.

How do you evict

An inhabitant that you cannot see?

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