• Katie Frieheit


Black and white, my family’s smiles hang on the wall.

I hear their legacies

Stories of adventure, love, and pain.

I can’t help but admire the beauty of it all.

A flash catches them, and, like glue

They get stuck in framed fragments of time.

From amniotic wombs to wooden tombs,

Each lived an entire life to themselves.

Now I sit at dinner and hear of the times in-between.

Their polaroid eyes remind me of my own mortality.

Of my fingerprint in time.

How I have been captured in pictures all the same,

And will one day rot as others come to know my name.

They remind me that time is so fluidly fixed.

That I will be here one day and not the next.

And that I must use this time to build a legacy worth sharing,

To a be woman worth acknowledging.

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