• Katie Frieheit

Past Lives

Ashen breath hangs in low places.

Deep blue engenders wisdom.

Swim in the tide of asphalt heat

Where eyelids droop and skin melts to fill silhouettes.

Soles cast divots in malleable earth.

Ripples dribble tides in opaque eyes.

Lending hands meet silver reflections

Brushing away noise that catch like hooks.

Flesh is resilient enamoured in silver.

It obeys mineral love from life sustaining divine.

Who holds the reckless, sultry, awful key to life?

If not ions, atoms, or hibernating sap

Then God or the thick lacquer of inky form?

Who made me restless?

Like tides that thrash when opal stones hang.

Lonely and suffocated as hot magma core.

A tumultuous being writhes like fireworks.

Take containment and watch it ache.

Desire is hollow and cannot be filled.

It is the life raft of the living that has too many holes.

When water comes in and bodies reach sapphire serene.

Please, let me be reincarnated with the knowledge I have now.

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