• Katie Frieheit

Life Line

Close up,

Here are my hands.

See these lines?

Crevasses dig in deep.

Formed as a baby

Coiled close to the heart,

Folded under head.

They have created a million wonderful things.

As a child

They toyed with blanket hems,

Played in dirt with worms,

Held fathers pinky,

And coloured outside the lines.

In adolescence

They helped squeeze the juice from lemons,

Picked sea glass along the shore,

And fumbled with ladybugs.

Now the gloves are off.

Here lay these hands

Bony and fragile.

Soon the spots of age will rise

And what will they have done?

Through these two hands

All thoughts of mind

Are cast out into this world.

Such fragile extremities.

What will I allow them to do?

Pinky promises,

Hand shakes,

Blow kisses.

I refuse to disappoint these hands.

I will not fail them.

They have yet to do

A million more beautiful things.

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