• Katie Frieheit


When we strip it all down,

We are simply beams of light.

A million beautiful parts, strung together with delight.

Made up of scars and bruises, Anoint me my crown.

Fused by the tiniest of cells, we became bound.

Pinky toe nails and tender ear lobes unite.

Pupils at sunset ignite,

And irises that blossom at sunrise grow round.

These blessings that shaped us go unrenowned,

As sun lends us halos of light.

Sweat anoints us; perfume of the night.

We are our own exotic compound.

Beauty goes with us unbound,

From coffee shops to book stores, what a sight.

Each place accepting us with delight.

All of these movements, bizarrely profound.

We all came From two tiny cells. Endowed.

Perfectly divided, we are formed beautifully without blight.

Our own tiny universe of light,

That goes with us, proud.

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